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Day 5


A busy morning packing ( so many unowned socks), breakfast and our final activities. The children had been looking forward to traversing elements ( also known as reversing elephants), and leap of faith. It was amazing to see the confidence in all the children. Some children who, on day one, would not put a harness on, had conquered their fears. They were climbing to the tops of poles and walking across wires. We were so proud of all of them. Even the teachers stood up to the challenge.

Final lunch and that was it. Another year over with. 

Our children were also praised by the other school there, so much so that they are booking the same week in 2020 as us.


We would like to thank all the pupils for such an enjoyable week. We will endever to put on more photos once we have access to a better internet signal as well.

Thank you again.

The Barton Staff

Belchamps 2018.



Day Four


After spending yesterday evening hunting the teachers down in the woods ( Well done Miss Biot for not being found), the children settled down to sleep at 9:15. We are glad to say we had another good night with no interruptions and we had to drag some children out of their beds this morning. More assault course, caving, high ropes and rifle shooting today. We also have another birthday.....but this time one of the pupils. We hope they have a day to remember.



Day Three


A fun packed Day two meant the children were in bed by 9:30 and asleep by 10pm. The staff were glad to say they didn’t hear anyone until 6:15 this morning. A cloudier start here in Essex this morning but, this hasn’t stopped the children looking forward to Jacobs Ladder, cork guns, caving and orienteering. Keep an eye out for the photos. Finally, a happy birthday to Mrs Warner today too🎂

Showers? Where we come from, we don’t need showers

Day 2 


Everyone up, showered and had breakfast after an 'OK' nights sleep. First activities begin at 9am. 

Another beautiful day in the Essex countryside. The children have enjoyed geo caching, team building, abseiling, climbing wall, archery, assault course, bridge building and crate stacking. Not bad for 24 hours here. We even have a hike through the woods booked for this evening. Hopefully they may sleep tonight!


The children have all arrived safely and are looking forward to their first activities.

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