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Our Junior Road Safety Officers

If children have any worries or concerns about road safety, they can report it to the JRSO's and they can pass the details on to the relevant person.

Meet our Junior Road Safety Officers

Meet our Junior Road Safety Officers 1 Teigan
Meet our Junior Road Safety Officers 2 Kayla
Meet our Junior Road Safety Officers 3 Amy

In October our JRSO's attended a Road Safety Conference with other school JRSO's at the Council Chambers in Folkestone.


They discussed important issues about road safety and what children at our school would like the County Council to promote awareness of.

The JRSO's planned and performed an assembly to the whole school to introduce the 'Be Bright Be Seen' theme. They did some role play, read out road safety facts and showed a video, highlighting the importance of wearing hi-vis and reflective clothing on dark winter nights.  On 03 November, Barton held a whole school 'Be Vis' Day.  Pupils were encouraged to wear their brightest, boldest clothing to school for a day and the JRSO's awarded small prizes to those that were the most visible and bright!