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4B: Poi that was a good week... 4B learnt about the Maori and made Maori Poi.

4T Go Bouldering and Rock Climbing

4T's Finished Mayan Masks. THEY ALL LOOK AMAZING!

4B show it's what in on the inside that ... is gross!

MOD-ROC MAYHEM - Year 4 Get Absolutely PLASTERED In It!

From GUMS to BUMS... 4T get hands on with the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.

From Gums to Bums: 4B got hands on and made their own digestive system... end to end.

4T Make Roman Pots. Planning, moulding and painting.

Terrific Trumpets! Year 4 have started their weekly trumpet lessons

There's a thief among us... Year 4 have been investigating the disappearance of Mr Brett and Mr Talbert's 'Chocolate Cake' books.

Year 4's Roman Feast. A chance to see how the other half lived!

4B- Eat like a slave... Roman Pottage tasting

4T - Anyone for Pottage? A poor Roman's Feast.

4T 3,2,1... BAKE! Rome wasn't built in a day, nor were these biscuits

4B- Roman Shield Biscuits

4B- Roman Shield Biscuits 1

4T - Up A Tree... If you go down in the woods today. You're be sure of a BIG SURPRISE...