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In Term 6, year 6 are going to explore the 'great outdoors' as well as  focussing on our residential trip and end of year production.


P.E. will be on a Monday afternoon this term, please may all children have the correct uniform on time for this. 


18.09.2017 Year 6 have already begun looking at the effect of rationing on the home front and have created their own Dover 'Dig for Victory' posters which are on display in the Year 6 corridor. Linked to this and with kind thanks to the generous donation from the seed company Thompson & Morgan, the children have already explored the germination of broad beans as part of science and will soon be planting our own 'dig for victory' indoor garden. 


Check out the photographs in the gallery of the beans in a jar experiments.   

20.09.2017 As promised at the Parent Evening on the 20th September, we have now added a SATs tab to the Year 6 page.


Currently you will find a few examples of the types of maths and spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) questions that your children will be tackling in May.


As we progress through the year we will add much more to this file, so please ensure that you are checking it regularly.

29.9.2017 This week the children baked Bread Pudding following a World War II ration recipe, this was then sold at the McMillan Coffee afternoon (we hope that you managed to grab a piece). The photographs of the children's baking are on our gallery page.  
01.10.2017 Head over to the 'Parent Booster' tab and check out the videos of the Year 6 children explaining how we multiply, divide, add and subtract.


Quick reminder to Year 6 that your Term 1 and 2 Homework project is due in on Monday 27th November. If you have forgotten all about it, head over to the homework tab and have a look, you still have 11 days to get your project completed. Miss Biot and I are very excited to see what you have produced.   

End of Topic Visit

End of Topic Visit  1
End of Topic Visit  2

Year 6 have completed their WWII topic with a visit to Dover Castle and Operation Dynamo war tunnels. Despite the snow and bitterly cold weather, Year 6 had a fantastic trip and learnt lots about Operation Dynamo and the important role that Dover played in this.


The children also had the opportunity to present their fantastic WWII game homework projects which were absolutely brilliant - Well done Year 6!


Happy New Year.


This Term, Year 6 will be having the support of the Sports Coaches and so our PE slot will move from a Wednesday afternoon, to Monday afternoon. Please can all Year 6 children have PE kits in school for PE on a Monday afternoon.


Thank you

Mr Danton & Miss Biot



Multi-Cultural Arts Week


6D began their journey around the world today with a visit to China and learnt all about the Willow Pattern story, the children then worked in teams to create their own sections of the Willow Pattern story on large plates. They are looking forward to sharing their art work and the Willow Pattern story in assembly on Friday afternoon.


Planning Wheels

Please click on the items below to display the Planning Wheel which contains details on what the children will be learning in each term.

Term 6 Planning

Term 6 Planning 1 Term 6. The Great Outdoors.

Term 5 Planning Wheel

Term 5 Planning Wheel 1 Term 5. Around the World

Term 4 Planning Wheel




Term 3 Planning Wheel

Term 3 Planning Wheel 1

Term 2 Planning Wheel

Term 2 Planning Wheel 1
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