Remote Learning Guidance


  • Home learning plans and links to be available on the school website under remote learning. This will support children in their learning of all subjects across the whole curriculum.


  • Weekly lesson plans with accompanying slides and instructions to be uploaded to the school website by Monday, 9am. This can be found in the Remote Learning section of the website.  Reminders and further instructions to be sent via Dojo from the class teacher to the parents/carers. The task will be clearly outlined for children to complete.
  • All lessons will follow the sequence of lessons taught in school. This will include links to the National Oak Academy online learning website.


  • Children can access mathematic activities on Ed Shed (via Spelling Shed logins) and Times Table Rockstars websites using their personal logins. Assignments will be set for individual children to access which will be monitored by the class teacher.


  • Children can access weekly spellings and punctuation and grammar activities through Spelling Shed. Assignments will be set for individual children to access which will be monitored by the class teacher.


  • Children can access Accelerated Reader where they are able to take online quizzes from home. This is accessed through individual logins. Children can take quizzes on a variety of books, as well as books on their AR reading level.


  • Class teachers will keep in regular contact to check if there are any concerns about the home learning. Daily messages will be sent via Class Dojo to ensure the communication between teacher and child/parents/carer is maintained and address any concerns about the home learning.


  • Parents/carers to upload photos of the children’s work on Dojo, where teachers will respond and support where necessary.


Restricted access to online learning - should a child shielding or be at home due to full school closure for more than two weeks and during this time not be able to access online learning at home due to lack of ICT resources then the parent/carer should notify the school. The school will seek resources to support in this matter.

Links to support remote learning: - all planning for remote learning set by the class teacher. A separate plan with resources and clickable links will also be sent through Class Dojo. - National Oak Academy online learning. - access to times table games and activities (personal login). - individual tasks, assignments and activities (personal login). - daily lessons available. - Accelerated Reader (personal login).

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