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More fantastic learning going on in year 4 this week

George is doing a fundraiser for his Cubs group by doing a sponsored bike ride - come and take a look!

VE Day celebrations

We have a very talented poet in year 4 smiley


The Magic Box

By Rosie Russell



I will put in the box

A fiery feather from a mythical phoenix,

A sparkling shard from a unicorn’s horn,

A shimmering scale from a magnificent mermaid.



I will put in the box

The haunting hoot of an owl at midnight,

A star-shaped, sky-blue petal from a forget-me-not,

A delicate snowflake glistening in the moonlight.



I will put into the box

The sweet smell of a new born baby,

The lingering memory of a long ago dream,

The infectious giggle of a tiny toddler.



I will put into the box

A bonus Christmas and a blue moon,

A ballerina in welly boots

And a farmer in a tutu



My box is fashioned from mango wood, topaz and silver,

With crystal flowers on the lid and secret wishes in the corners.

Its hinges are oyster shells missing their pearls.



I shall sledge in my box

Down a great snow-covered mountain

And land in a pillow-shaped snow drift

With a gentle puff!


The end


Year 4 are continuing to work hard during their home learning sessions

Some more great photos of children's hard work in year 4.

A great interpretation of the story of St. George

Still image for this video

Some children have been making PowerPoints during this time

We have had some more photos come through of the great work that is being done at home. Well done everyone!

Year 4 have been working so hard while they have been at home. They have learnt many new practical skills such as woodwork, sewing, cooking and gardening. I am very impressed and have enjoyed receiving all the photos and e-mails about what they have been up to. Well done Year 4!

Multi-cultural Arts week - We have had so much fun exploring India and Ghana. We have weaved our own Kente cloth, feasted on homemade vegetable curry and coconut laddoo. We produced some wonderful spice art pictures and learnt all about the pollution in India and Ghana.

The children have produced some wonderful projects this term. They have worked super hard to find out all about Roman games. We even had the opportunity to play them ourselves.

Chocolate Workshop - We had a wonderful day learning all about chocolate. We discussed fairtrade and came up with ideas to help farmers in Ghana receive fair trading. We LOVED tasting different types of chocolate: white, milk and dark chocolate. BUT the cocoa powder did not taste very nice!

We had fun creating our Maya masks. We learnt about all the different types of masks the Maya's had: Event masks, Battle masks and Death masks.

When Buster came to town! Buster came to visit us to make sure we were all reading for our 20 minutes on a Wednesday. We had great fun with him and can't wait to get started!

Year 4 had great fun cooking and eating Roman Pottage.

Year 4 had a lovely time celebrating at the Wealthy Roman Feast! We even enjoyed watching a chariot race to end the celebrations.

From Gums to Bums! We have had great fun with science this week. We have been learning all about the digestive system and how our food travels through our bodies.