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Year 4 Home Work

                             1st July 2020

Good Morning Year 4


We hope that you are well and enjoying your home learning this week.


We have received some really positive e-mails over the last couple of days about the home learning and about the changes in school life. We still love receiving your photos of all your hard work too.


Please continue with the online learning, reading, spelling and times tables and the projects that some of you are doing.


Spellings this week are from List 30 - the prefix bi


Please take care and do not hesitate to contact us. 


Miss Knight and Mrs Howard smiley

This is a great way to continue having fun with reading! Why not come and take a look at this year's Silly Squad Summer reading challenge 2020. Enjoy!

All the information you need to know:

Term 6 – Week 3

Good Morning Year 4


As always, your hard work has continued throughout the week. We are really impressed with the work that is being completed at home. We can see that many of you are learning so many new skills – woodwork, sewing, cooking, gardening, new sports and lots more. You are all doing an amazing job!


The online learning continues, so here are the links for that (so many of you are enjoying the Spanish lessons – I’ve even received a few emails in Spanish!)


Spellings this week are from List 29 - prefixes super- anti- and auto-


Take care and stay safe

Miss Knight and Mrs Howard 


Please don’t forget to e-mail us with your questions or updates on how you are doing – we love reading them. – Miss Knight – Mrs Howard



 Term 6 - Week 2 


Good Morning


We have received some lovely emails this week - lots of hard work going on in Year 4! Well done.


Please keep up the hard work and don't forget to email us with any questions or a simple hello smiley


Online learning resources:


Spellings this week is List 28 - phon and sign word families.


Take care and stay safe

Miss Knight and Mrs Howard – Miss Knight – Mrs Howard






** Term 6 - Week 1 **


Hello to everyone in Year 4


We hope that you managed to have a relaxing half term and enjoyed the lovely weather we have had recently.

I know this is another strange start to the term, but please continue with all your hard work. We have loved receiving the photos of arts and crafts, and the fantastic creations that you have worked hard to produce - we are looking forward to seeing some more this term!


We know that sometimes the work can be tricky, especially when you are not in the classroom. If you find that you really cannot do something, then please e-mail us and we will do our best to help. If not, do something that you know that you are good at and something you enjoy! During this time, it is important to us that you stay safe and happy!


We will continue with the online learning as the feedback we have had from this is very positive

Again, please feel free to pick out the lessons that you find manageable. I know some of you have preferred project based learning, so please feel free to continue with those.


Please continue to use Timestable Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Accelerated Reader.

This week is Spelling List 27 - sol and real word families.


Please contact us with any questions or queries, and if the children just want to say hello then we would love to hear from them. 


Take care and stay safe

Miss Knight and Mrs Howard smiley – Miss Knight – Mrs Howard

Term 5 


This is where you will find the updated homework for your children.


Please only complete the tasks that you feel are manageable - I am not expecting everyone to complete everything that is here.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the work that is set.


Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Knight and Mrs Howard smiley

Term 5 Week 4 (11.5.2020)


Good morning year 4 smiley


Please continue with your fantastic efforts using the online learning resources. - online lessons - Times Table Rockstars - Spelling Shed (Spelling list 26) - reading quiz


Some children have produced some fantastic project based work, so please feel free to continue with this, alongside the cooking, gardening and crafts that have been going on at home. 


We look forward to seeing your lovely photos this week


Take care


Miss Knight and Mrs Howard – Miss Knight – Mrs Howard




Term 5 Week 3 (4.5.2020)


Good Morning


Due to the positive feedback we have received about the Academy online learning, we will continue using this for home learning. If you have any questions about the lessons this week, then please do not hesitate to contact us. I know children have also enjoyed the BBC Bitesize lessons too, so please continue with these if you'd like.



Spellings this week are list 25, which is on Spelling Shed assignments. We saw some really great scores on Spelling Shed last week, so we look forward to seeing more of your hard work.



As always, please continue with the great efforts that have gone into reading over the last few weeks, as well as TT Rockstars.


We hope you enjoy your week and we look forward to receiving your emails and photos.


Take care


Miss Knight & Mrs Howard – Miss Knight – Mrs Howard



Term 5 Week 2 (27.4.2020)


As from Monday 27th April, we will begin online lessons which you can access through:

From here you will be able to select year 4, and you can follow the Maths and English lessons. You will also have access to demonstrations and examples of each lesson, which will be uploaded every Monday for a new week’s worth of activities.


You will also find a section for the foundation subjects, and although they do not follow the topic we would have been doing in Term 5, it does follow the Year 4 National Curriculum.


I have received some wonderful work from children regarding our Europe topic, so please feel free to carry on with some project based learning on this if you wish. In the same way we would do our Termly homework projects, be as creative as you like. This could be presentation based, written work, examples of cooking, art work – I love to see photos of them all!


As well as this, BBC bitesize have produced sessions which are great to use for shorter bursts to hold children’s attention. You can access the daily lessons here:


Please continue with reading, Times Table Rockstars and Spelling Shed. There are 2 new assignments on Spelling Shed for children to access (list 24 and 25).


Rock Stars -

Spelling Shed -

Reading Quiz -



Again, I would like to thank you for you continued support during this time. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason: – Miss Knight – Mrs Howard


Take care

Miss Knight and Mrs Howard

Term 5 Week 1 - Suggested Timetable