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Year 5 Homework

It has been lovely to see some of our children back in school this week.  If your children are attending, please follow our timetable for Maths and English at least so that our lessons are sequenced correctly.

Any issues please email your class teacher smiley 

Term 6:


Hi year 5,


Hope you've all had a good half term and enjoyed a weeks rest from home learning.  Now we're 'back,' please try to keep up with the Oak Academy daily lessons and regular reading quizzes.  


Barton are not starting back until 15th June (for Year 6 only) following the SAGE report advice.  Please keep in touch with us using the class emails to let us know how you are doing.


We miss you all, 

Stay safe,

Miss O'Shaughnessy & Miss Taylor 

19th May:


Hello everyone,


We would really like to thank all of the parents and carers who have kept in touch to let us know how things are going at home, it's lovely to see the photos that have been sent to us showing the huge variety of learning that is going on at home.  We are hearing how much the children are missing each other so please keep sending in pictures so that we can share them on the website. 


We have had lots of positive feedback about the Oak Academy lessons so please continue to follow those and the Bitesize lessons this week.


Stay safe,

Tina O'Shaughnessy and Amber Taylor 



Home learning Week 2 (27th April)


As of Monday 27th April, we are moving to online lessons from the 'Oak National Academy:'


These are a series of more structured online lessons which the children can follow daily for Maths and English.  They also have a foundation section which we are happy for the children to follow (this won't be related to our usual topic but it does cover the National Curriculum requirements.)  The schedule for the week goes out online every Monday and contains taught lessons and demonstrations.


Alongside this, BBC Bitesize has also been very popular and features many celebrities and in shorter sessions which may hold some children's attention more easily:


We have heard from many parents that children have enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greeks so they can continue with a project based approach to this.  Any creative, fun activities linked to this can run alongside the subscribed lessons. Just like a homework project, children could make a PowerPoint, design a mini Olympics, Present a News report on Greek Life or become a Greek Philosopher! 


The children should also be reading regularly and can continue to log into Accelerated Reader to complete their quizzes using this link: 


We have really enjoyed hearing from the children this week so please encourage them (and you) to check in with us via email with updates on how things are going.  Most importantly, in all of this is everybody's well-being so if they're struggling or becoming frustrated with any of the school work, stop and do something more fun instead. smiley


Many thanks, 


Tina O'Shaughnessy and Amber Taylor.


Home learning Week 1 (20th April)


As we begin Term 5, we will be providing a weekly timetable so that you can continue to support your children's learning from home.  We fully understand that these are extremely challenging times so please don't worry if everything is not covered, use it as a guide and please feel free to adapt the activities for your own children's abilities.  It is also a great time for children to try other skills such as cooking, gardening, dance etc.

If you have any questions please email us or if the children just want to say hi it would be lovely to hear from them too. They could also email us pictures of work they are proud of and we can share it on our website.

We hope you and your families are safe and well.


Tina O'Shaughnessy and Amber Taylor

Learning from home Term 5 Week 1 (20th-24th April)

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