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Year 6

Belchamps Day 5


Our last morning! Children were brilliant at helping each other pack this morning. Teeth and brushed and we are all at first session. There are a few unclaimed items of clothing which no-one is recognising or laying a claim to. These will be bagged and left in lost property at school for collection on Monday and Tuesday. 

We are hoping to be back at school for around 3-3:30, see you all then!



Belchamps Day 4


We have woken up to a cooler day with a bit of drizzle in the air. That won’t stop us enjoying our last full day. Today’s activities include assault course, abseiling and the campfire. Plus more leaps of faith! Wish us luck!



Belchamps Day 3 


A peaceful nights sleep (after a hectic and full first day) and the children are much more relaxed. We have even had compliments from another school here regarding how quiet and well behaved the children are. Today’s activities including caving, bridge building, team building and our first group will experience the Leap of Faith! As always, photos will be uploaded throughout the day of the children completing their activities. 




Belchamps Day 2


A good night’s sleep as everyone was in bed and asleep by 10. A hearty breakfast and we are ready for another exciting full day at Belchamps. Activities today include traversing elements, crate stacking, archery and mini crossbows with an evening hike as a whole group planned for later. Photos will be uploaded throughout the day as children complete their activities! 





Belchamps Day 1 


A surprisingly quick (and surprisingly quiet!) coach journey saw us arrive at Belchamps an hour before we were due. We unpacked quickly and were shown around the site. Some free time and lunch made us ready for our first activities! These included: high ropes wall climb, fencing and push ball. One group even tried the scary Jacobs ladder. Make sure you check the gallery regularly for updates and photos of the children completing their activities!




Term 6: The fun yet sad term!


This term will be a rollercoaster for the children. We will be working on our production called: 'Rock Bottom'. (Please take a look in our gallery for costume ideas for your children to wear whilst performing in this show.) We will also be looking at issues of growing up and moving on and exploring the mixed feelings the children will be experiencing. There will also be a lot of things to look forwards to such as the production and Belchamps.


PE will be on a Monday with the sports coach (looking at athletics; please may all children have earrings taken out that morning, as well as the correct uniform for those days.


Homework for this term will be to create their own costumes for their character, as well as learning their lines for the production.


Term 6 - The Great Outdoors

Term 5: Around the World

Term 4: Matilda

Term 3: The Nutty Nineties

Term 2 - There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom

Term 1 - Bluebirds over the White Cliffs