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Year 6 Homework

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Term 6

Hello Year 6s!


We hope that you managed to have a relaxing half term and enjoyed the lovely weather we have had recently.I know this is another strange start to the term, and we are looking forwards to seeing some of you later on in this term when it is a bit safer for us to be back at school. Meanwhile, please carry on following the weekly guides below as much as you can. We appreciate all the hard work you have done so far and have loved getting emails of all of the new crafts, creations and fun you have been having. Please do continue to email us photos - we love to see how you are getting on. 


We know that sometimes the work can be tricky, especially when you are not in the classroom. If you are struggling, please do email us and we will do our best to help. Remember there are many different websites and resources available for you to help you with your learning such as:


Oak National Academy. The website is full of online lessons and tasks for English, Maths and Topic lessons.


The BBC Bitesize website is also delivering online lessons everyday which are full of exciting ideas  and

also feature celebrities which will help engage your child:


The Stour Academy: Videos of teachers delivering Maths and English lessons: 


The children should also be reading regularly and can continue to log into Accelerated Reader to complete their quizzes  (if the book they are reading is on the system) using this link:

Please do use the online library to help with this: 


As always, please do what you feel works best for you and your family.

Keep safe and be well,

All the best,

Miss Biot and Miss Shipton.



Term 6 Week 3
Term 6 Week 2
Previous Learning (Term 5): 
Week 2 (Week beginning 27th April)

Previous Terms

Dear Parents/Guardian,

This year, in order to help your year 6 child get ready for the work commitments they will be facing at Secondary School, there will be compulsory alternating English and Maths weekly homework. This will be sent home with the children every Monday to be completed for the following Monday.

If there are any difficulties regarding completing the homework, please let your child’s teacher know before that day, and they will endeavour to help any way they can.

If children would still like to complete a homework project based on their termly-topic (as they have done in year 3, 4 and 5), there will still be time at the end of each term to show any topic work they have researched/created/completed at home, however this will not be compulsory.


Thank you for your support regarding this,


Miss Biot and Miss Shipton




Year 6 Teachers

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