Headteacher's Welcome

At Barton Junior School we inspire, motivate and challenge pupils, establishing a safe and stimulating environment, rooted in mutual respect.  We set goals that stretch and challenge children of all backgrounds and abilities and demonstrate consistently the positive attitudes, values and behaviour which we expect.

We are very proud of our School and provide children with an excellent continuation of their education.  Our aim is for every child to reach their full potential.  We do this through a stimulating and caring environment that provides challenges and enjoyment, where children’s natural curiosity and wonder about the world around them is encouraged, where children will thrive.

At Barton Junior School we believe very strongly that education is a partnership between home and school.  You know your child very well and will have provided many opportunities and experiences as a foundation to their learning process.  At school we want to work with you to continue that learning journey, ensuring that learning becomes a lifelong activity.  Learning is always most successful when home and school can work together, in partnership, and we look forward to working with you to ensure that your child has a successful and enjoyable school life.

If you are considering Barton Junior School for your child, then please contact the Office to make an appointment to view the school

Welcome to our school.

Miss Melanie O'Dell