Year 4 Multiplication Test

Do you have a child in year 4 at primary school?

If so, your child will be participating in the multiplication tables check in June. The purpose of the check is to determine whether your child can fl­uently recall their times tables up to 12, which is essential for future success in mathematics.

What is the multiplication tables check?

 It is an on-screen check consisting of 25 times table questions. Your child will be able to answer 3 practice questions before taking the actual check. They will then have 6 seconds to answer each question. On average, the check should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Will I receive feedback on my child’s check?

Yes. Your child’s teacher will share your child’s score with you at the end of the year, as they would with all national curriculum assessments. There is no pass mark for the check.

What can I do to support my child?

Times tables are the foundation and basis of a lot of complex mathematical constructs including fractions, percentages and algebra. Having a rapid recall supports children to understand new concepts in maths and is therefore of huge importance. Please support your child's maths journey through practising with them reguarly.

Year 3 should practice: 2,3,4,5 ,8 and 10 times tables.
Year 4 and above should practice all times tables up to 12 x 12.

Here are some useful games to play to support your child's times table fluency. 

Hit the Button

Times Tables Rock Stars 

Maths Frame

Multiplayer Speed Quiz