At Barton Junior School we aim to provide our pupils with a broad and balanced education which will prepare them for life in the real world.  PSHRE (Personal, Social, Health, Relationships and Economic) education is designed to promote everyday skills so that the children become productive, thoughtful and empathetic members of society.

In these lessons, we embed a culture of respect so that children feel safe to share their views and opinions if they choose to, we encourage openess to ask questions and to make sure that all children are listened to.

We have tailored the PSHE Associations’ ‘Programme of Study’ to suit our pupils, school and community; giving careful consideration to our school ethos and aims and our pupils’ needs.

We follow the PSHE Associations’ three core themes: Health and Wellbeing; Relationships; and Living in the Wider World. Each year group covers content related to each theme every year, ensuring that a spiral programme is in place: one that revisits themes, gradually extending thinking, expanding knowledge and developing skills. We avoid, where possible, ‘one-off’, stand-alone sessions that will not be revisited, and instead make constant links to previous learning and experiences, and build upon these across the years.

PSHRE learning comes in many different forms: through whole-class teaching, group activities, individual tasks, assemblies, outside speakers, cross-curricular lessons and discrete lessons.

During PSHRE sessions children are encouraged to both ask and answer questions and to deepen their knowledge and understanding. A great deal of time is spent considering scenarios and possible responses to them so that children are prepared and ready to make positive choices in the future.


PSHRE Date  
Barton PSHRE Policy 03rd Sep 2024 Download
PSHE Curriculum 17th Apr 2023 Download