Our Staff

Leadership Team

Miss M O'Dell

Headteacher, DSL

Miss s biot

Miss S Biot

Deputy Headteacher, DDSL

Teaching Staff Year 3
Mrs n dodrill

Mrs N Dodrill

Year 3 Teacher; 

Damian Aspinall Class

Thumbnail image001

Miss P Dimmock

Damian Aspinall 
Teaching Assistant


Mrs K Sheppard

Year 3 Class Teacher

Beatrix Potter Class

Thumbnail Colette Ms C Lane

Year 3

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Staff Year 4


Miss T O'Shaugnessy

Year 4 Class Teacher, DDSL

Sir Tom Moore Class

Mrsjwarner Mrs J Warner

Sir Tom Moore 

Study Support Manager

Batley Miss H Batley

Year 4 Class Teacher, 

Dame Kelly Holmes Class

Staff 10 Mrs S Howard

Dame Kelly Holmes

Study Support Manager

Year 5 Teaching Staff


Miss A Taylor

Year 5 Class Teacher, 

Martin Luther King Class

Staff 4 Miss C Catt

Study Support Manager

Martin Luther King Class


Miss E Pitcher

Teaching Assistant

Mrs bowley

Miss C Bowley

Year 5 Class Teacher

Michelle Obama Class

Tdyer Miss T Dyer

Study Support Manager

Michelle Obama Class


Year 6 Teaching Staff


Mrs A Mackay

Year 6 Class Teacher, DDSL

Helen Keller Class


Mrs S Crane

Study Support Manager

 Mrs s weather burn

Mrs S Weatherburn

Year 6 Class Teacher, 

Rosa Parks Class


Thumbnail image002 Mrs S Forecast

Study Support Manager

Mrssdarnley Mrs S Darnley




Support Staff


Miss M McConnell

Pupil and Parent Support Officer

Mrs davis2

Mrs R Davis

Administration Assistant and Principal’s PA 

Thumbnail Karen G Ms K Griffiths Administration Assistant
Mrs l buckingham dudley Mrs L Buckingham-Dudley SENDCO


Midday Superviser  
Mrs m harcourt ronaldson Mrs M Harcourt Ronaldson