Curriculum Intent

At Barton Junior School, we provide our children with a curriculum that is broad, balanced and ambitious for all. It is exciting, relevant and meaningful, and responds to the needs of the individuals within our learning community, enabling them to excel academically and flourish socially, emotionally, physically, morally and culturally. 

We believe that the curriculum should be seen in its widest sense – as the entire planned learning experience, including formal learning opportunities as well as events, routines and enrichment activities that take place outside the classroom. 

Running throughout our curriculum are the core values of our school :  Aspire – Believe - Create.

Key Principles of our Curriculum: 

  • Raises aspirations 

  • Is purposeful and relevant and ensures that learning is contextualized 

  • Celebrates the process of learning rather than just the end product and ensures that failing is seen as an opportunity for new learning 

  • Is memorable and experiential 

  • Enables children to become mentally and physically healthy, resilient citizens 

  • Promotes SMSC and British Values throughout 

  • Ensures that children are ready for their next stage of education (EYFS-KS1, KS1-KS2, KS2-secondary education) 


Using the Sonar Curriculum and a variety of other carefully selected materials, the full range of core and foundation subjects have been carefully mapped out across school ensuring clear progression in knowledge, understanding, skills and concepts. 

Our curriculum will be taught through a pedagogy that:   

  • excites, promotes and sustains children’s interest  

  • enables and fosters children’s natural curiosity  

  • promotes problem solving, creativity and communication  

  • promotes innovation and entrepreneurialism  

  • enables children to reflect on and evaluate their learning  

These experiences will enable children to leave our school with a sense of belonging in our community, have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners. 


Long Term Plan

Please view our long term plan below, which shows the areas of learning across our school year. 

Barton Long Term Plan


If you would like to know more about our school and curriculum, please contact us and book a tour!