At Barton Junior School we aim to provide all children with a solid foundation in literacy, communication, and critical thinking skills, preparing pupils for success in their academic journey and beyond. Our high-quality English curriculum is based upon fostering a love of language and reading. 

Although the children recieve specific 'English' lessons, we believe that having good literacy skills are fundamental to success in other subjects, which is why children are exposed to a range of texts and books across most subjects within the curriculum. We help develop children's speaking and listening skills alongside reading and writing as effective communication is essential for children to express themselves, share ideas, and engage with their peers and teachers.

Our English sessions fosters cognitive development by encouraging children to think critically, analyse texts, and solve problems. Through activities like reading comprehension and activities such as debates, students develop their reasoning and comprehension abilities. English lessons often incorporate literature and stories from diverse cultures, promoting cultural awareness and understanding among young learners. Exposure to different perspectives and experiences through literature helps cultivate empathy and respect for diversity.