Curriculum Overview

Barton Junior Creative Curriculum

Our cross curricular and creative curriculum has been adapted so that it promotes high achievement and creativity for our pupils. We follow a topic based approach that covers all aspects of the National Curriculum whilst creating lessons that are fun, hands on, practical and relevant to real life. Our children are naturally inquisitive and we aim to develop their understanding of ‘how’ to learn to become confident, life-long learners. 

We understand that every child is different and they all have various skills and talents. We encourage every pupil to shine and allow them input in the planning stages of each topic so that their own interests are met. This is done as a whole class discussion at the start of every new topic.

At Barton, we believe that every child should experience the world beyond the classroom as part of learning and personal development. Wherever possible we provide learning experiences outside of the classroom so that the pupils can experience learning in real life situations and recognise that learning is never limited to certain place or time – it happens all around us. We also draw on the specialist experience of guest speakers who are invited into school. 

(NOTE: Currently, due to COVID restrictions, these out of school activities are limited and we are adapting the curriculum as necessary.)

We have created learning themes which are the same for every year group depending on the term.   A paper copy of our curriuclum is available from the office.


Topic Titles:


Term 1:  Horrible Histories  

Term 2:  Go Explore

Term 3:  Super Scientists 

Term 4:  Time Travel

Term 5:  Around the World

Term 6:  The Great Outdoors


Each Year group will cover different work during these times but will focus on either History, Geography or Science. 

All other foundation subjects are continually taught throughout the year.

Termly plans can be found on the website under each year group which provide much more detailed coverage.