Curriculum Overview

Barton Junior Curriculum

Children across the country have experienced significant disruption to their learning due to Coronavirus and we have adapted and reviewed our curriculum and continue to do so, to ensure that gaps are filled and all children are given the best possible environment for learning.

Most importantly, our curriculum is designed with the children's happiness and the ability to be successful learners in mind. We aim for all children to achieve and develop their knowledge whilst being able to reason critically and make informed decisions and choices.

We follow a topic based approach which covers all aspects of the National Curriculum, whilst creating lessons that are fun, hands on, practical and relevant to real life. Our children are naturally inquisitive and we aim to develop their understanding of ‘how’ to learn to become confident, life-long learners. 

We have created learning themes which are the same for every year group depending on the term.   Each term's planning is published on the website.


Topic Titles:


Term 1:  Horrible Histories  

Term 2:  Go Explore 

Term 3:  Super Scientists 

Term 4:  Time Travel 

Term 5:  Around the World 

Term 6:  The Great Outdoors 


Each Year group cover different work during these times but will focus strongly on either History, Geography or Science. 

All foundation subjects are taught each week or in alternate weeks but we also plan specialist days and weeks into our curriculum, for example: Multi-cultural Arts Week, Musical days, and Design Technology days. A fun day for science is incorporated into every term so that the children can immerse themselves fully into practical experiments, test hypothesis and record results in tables and graphs.

More detailed termly plans can be found on the website under each year group which provide more detailed coverage for the coming term.


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