Year 6 Homework

Dear Parents/Guardian,

            This year, in order to help your year 6 child become ready for the work commitments they will be facing at Secondary School, there will be compulsory alternating English and Maths weekly homework. This will be sent home with the children every Monday to be completed for the following Monday. 

If there are any difficulties regarding completing the homework, please let your child’s teacher know before that day and they will endeavour to help any way they can.

As in previous years, children are expected to read every day, with a note written in their reading records so we can keep a record and support children in school. It is important to read aloud when possible to encourage fluency and expression, however independent reading is also acceptable. 

Times tables and spellings should be practised regularly; there will be a weekly focus of these handed out on a Monday but we also encourage the use of TimesTable Rockstars and Spelling Shed to make this fun and compete against each other. Clickable links to these are provided below, as well as links to Purple Mash and Accelerated Reader for comprehension quizzes on any books children have read at home.

If children would still like to complete a homework project based on their termly-topic (as they have done in year 3, 4 and 5), there will still be time at the end of each term to show any topic work they have researched/created/completed at home, however this will not be compulsory.


Thank you for your support regarding this,



Times Table Rockstars

Spelling Shed
Accelerated Reader