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Posted on: 31 Jan 2021

Remote Learning Code of Conduct

Remote Learning is changing. Please read our Remote Learning Code of Conduct. A copy is also available on Class Dojo. Code of Conduct for Remote Learning This code of conduct outlines what we expect of pupils and parents/carers during remote learning. Much of this echoes our expectations when in school and it is designed to keep you safe online and help you to get the best out of your learning. • My parents and I will check ClassDojo and Parent Mail regularly to keep track of notifications of all remote education set • I will regularly check TT Rock Stars, Spelling Shed and ClassDojo for tournaments and activities • I will only use ClassDojo as directed by my teacher and will only upload anything that is related to my learning • I will not take screenshots/photographs/recordings of my screen or any prerecorded learning • I will always make sure that my communication on all learning platforms is supportive of my learning and the wellbeing of others • I will not share school content onto any social media • I understand that my teacher is only available between the hours of 8.30am and 3:30pm • I will not share any links to live meetings with others outside of my class When I am taking part in live meetings, I will make sure that: • my learning environment is quiet and I will not get distracted easily • my video is turned on and to begin the meeting my microphone is on mute • the background is appropriate • I am dressed appropriately (no pyjamas!) • I am listening and responding • I speak to others politely and listen to others’ points of view through appropriate turn-taking • I am only online with the knowledge and consent of my parent/carer • I understand that my teacher might have to mute me so everyone gets a chance to speak  Remember everything that is posted on social media is there forever – we have a digital footprint that can never be fully deleted. So be careful of what you say and write on all of our online learning platforms.